Matt Asay better than Fake Steve Jobs at faking Linus Torvalds

LinuxCon is in full swing this week in Portland. And while there are tons of good open source conversations and likely some awesome hacking underway, there’s always a little bit of hi-jinx afoot, as well.

Given that it was the inaugural LinuxCon, some of that tomfoolery was planned. Specifically the “Fake Linus Torvalds” contest. And as it turns out, in the end, the open source faker was better than the seasoned proprietary faker.

You see, there were four unidentified fakers participating in the contest. And one of them happened to be one of the most famous tech fakers of them all, Dan Lyons of Fake Steve Jobs fame.

Zonker Brockmeier and Jono Bacon were also trying their hand at channeling the Linux’ founder.

But it was Fake Linus Torvalds #2open source journalist Matt Asay—whom provided the most convincing Torvalds repertoire.

His prize? The coveted silver penguin. And the adoration of the Linux crowd

LinuxCon continues through tomorrow. Linux Plumbers Conference begins Wednesday.