Portland Web Innovators gets Demolicious again

While the rapidly diminishing amount of sunlight has many Silicon Forest developers returning to the seclusion of heads-down work on their own projects, it’s always nice to take a break, get out, and see what other people are creating these days. And in my mind there’s no better place to see a random creative assortment of tech projects than Portland Web Innovators’ Demolicious, where Portland Web pioneers gather on a quarterly basis to share their “not quite ready for prime time”  or “ready for prime time but no one knows about them” projects.

Sound interesting? Well you’re in luck. Demolicious is this Wednesday at PIE.

Who’s demoing? I’m glad you asked. Here are the folks who will be taking the stage this time around.

  • Dashrep: A text-manipulation programming language that saves coding time and debugging time
  • Lucidium: an open-source enterprise application development system designed to radically reduce the cost and complexity of application development.
  • OMGFriends: When someone starts following me I wonder how they found me. Was it randomly? Was it through a friend? Now I can see if we share any friends, even better I can search any public profile.
  • Simler: By connecting you with people that think the same way, Simler makes the world a smaller—and better—place for everyone. [Editor: See the Silicon Florist write-up on Simler.]
  • Tweeybot: On which I could not find any info, but has been described as “Phone calls from Twitter.”

Now you’re even more interested, right? Well, clear your Wednesday night calendar and come join folks at 1227 NW Davis around 7 PM. You’re sure to see some projects that inspire you.

For more information or to RSVP, see Portland Web Innovators Demolicious on Upcoming.