Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for June 2010

Well, well, well. I’m a little late with the top 10 list this month. What with Fourth of Julys and 30 Hour Days and whatnot. But I still wanted to make sure that you got your monthly report on what people found most interesting here on Silicon Florist.

So let’s cut the jibber jabber and get the top 10 Silicon Florist posts for the month of June, based on the combined number of readers from the Web and RSS.

  1. Need a job? An intern? A gig? These Portland opportunities might be just the things you’re seeking
  2. Looking for the largest English-language World Cup soccer blog? Look no further than Portland. Well, and just a bit north.
  3. Ideas 4 Oregon: Meyer Memorial Trust thinks you have a million dollar idea for Oregon
  4. Reminder: Network Redux, Webtrends Co-Hosting Lunch 2.0 Wednesday
  5. Job searching this weekend? Here are a dozen Portland jobs to add to your list
  6. ThePortlander marks one year of disrupting the Portland news scene
  7. Kicking ass: Portland’s Small Society and Urban Airship help bring Democratic National Committee iPhone/iPad app to life
  8. Breaking out of your shell: Webtrends 101 offers an incubator space for Portland digital marketing startups
  9. Second Porch could use a social media marketing person and Elemental has a number of positions open
  10. 30 Hour Day needs your help

(Image courtesy Bestbib & Tucker. Used under Creative Commons.)