REMINDER: SXSW panel voting ends today; Twitter and Facebook streams return to regularly scheduled programming

[HTML1]If you spend any time in social media, you’ve no doubt been inundated over the last two weeks with requests to “vote for my panel at SXSW.” Ever since SXSW instituted the crowd sourced PanelPicker, folks have taken to the airwaves to pimp their panels to their peers.

Admittedly, I’m part of the problem. But not for much longer. You see, today is the last day you can vote on the proposed 2011 SXSW panels.

What to do? What to do?

I’ve got an idea. Vote. Sure it won’t shut us… err them up. But at least you’ll assuage some of that guilt.

That’s right. Get to voting. You. Yes, you. You there waiting for the work day to end. You there early to Beer and Blog. You on the motorcycle. You two girls. All of you go vote early and often for these awesome Portland panels. Right now. Do not delay. Do not pass go.


And with any luck, your Twitter and Facebook streams will soon return to normal. Except for the bitching and kvetching about panels not making the cut, of course.