Top 20 Silicon Florist posts for 2010

It’s like some pre-requisite for blogging. At the end of the year, you’re required to get all reflective and self-assessing. It’s true. Otherwise they take your blog away. And they change the secret handshake.

Far be it from me to attempt to buck this trend. And to make sure I appease the blogging deities sufficiently, I’m going to forego the “top 10” list and offer a top 20. That’s right, gentle reader. The top 20 Silicon Florist posts from the past year. Yes, I like you that much.

So what posts were the most read posts on Silicon Florist last year? Well, I can only tell you based on Web traffic, because my RSS analytics are lacking. But it’s still a good swath at the most popular posts. So, without further ado…

  1. What down economy? Five Portland startups looking to hire developers and technical talent
  2. Dave Chase: 10 reasons I chose Portland over Seattle and Silicon Valley to locate my startup
  3. What are the most popular iPhone app icon colors? With Icon Rainbow, now you know
  4. Portland Seed Fund: Y Combinator, it’s not. (Unconstitutional, it may be.)
  5. Calling Oregon entrepreneurs to action: Do-it-yourself healthcare reform
  6. Urban Airship rapidly ascends with $1.1 million in funding
  7. City of Portland gets into the iPhone app development game with Citizen Reports
  8. Oregon Film, Beam Development, Hive-FX to Host Lunch 2.0
  9. Kitzhaber vs Dudley: The Oregon governor race and the tale of the social media tape
  10. PRTLND: Simply a beautiful way to find Portland Web developers, designers, illustrators, and photographers
  11. Portland, open data, and CivicApps: 101 open datasets for your geeking pleasure
  12. Iron Man? Spider-man? Batman? Most super heroes are side projects. Just like yours.
  13. Oh stewardess! I speak Jive: Tony Zingale replaces Dave Hersh as Jive Software CEO
  14. Portland’s Grove makes exceptionally awesome iPhone 4 cases out of bamboo—and for a limited time old skateboards
  15. Kicking ass: Portland’s Small Society and Urban Airship help bring Democratic National Committee iPhone/iPad app to life
  16. Urban Airship launches AirMail: Your iPhone push notifications just got a lot more interesting
  17. How to build a successful startup in 21 days (Hint: Add bacon)
  18. City of Portland: Calling all Androids! Well, at least these specific models of Android devices.
  19. What entrepreneurs and startups can learn from the whole Conan O’Brien debacle
  20. Portland Development Commission (PDC) releases initial results from Software cluster survey

And there you have it. What an interesting year 2010 turned out to be. And who knows what this portends for 2011?

Well, as far as portending goes, I can tell you this. There’s a whole backlog of posts from December 2010 that we’ll catch up on in January 2011. That’s right. I thought you needed a break. Or I was sick. Or something. Stay tuned.

And if you haven’t done your year-end retrospective or list or whatever, yet? Please get on that. Times a wastin’. And I’d hate to see you get your blog taken away.

(Image courtesy Sellwood Street. Used under Creative Commons.)