Pitch Club: Skinny guys pitch ’til they’re burger

Oh you thought you got a summer break? Maybe a little time off during the Rose Festival? Wrong. If you’re going to pitch, you’re going to pitch. Day in, day out. No breaks. No tap outs.

So get ready. Because Thursday night you’ve got another opportunity to pitch. And get criticism on your pitch. Yep. That’s right. It’s Pitch Club time again.

Want to practice your startup pitch in front of people who’ve done it before? Crave the harsh criticism of your peers? Need the validation of seeing what works and what doesn’t in other pitches?

Bring your 3 minute pitch. Put your name in a hat and if it gets picked, you’re on. Powerpoints discouraged – just pitch. Then, answer questions and listen to painfully honest feedback from a panel of so-called experts.

Want to come watch? Good. Have something to pitch. Want to just be an innocent bystander? Too bad. If you show up, you have to pitch. End of story.

So steel your resolve, and gird your loins. Or something. And show up at PIE at 6 PM on Thursday night. We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

And who knows? If you show up, you might even get a little sneak peek on the next iteration of PIE. PIE 2.0 as it were. Maybe. Under frien-d-a. Or something.

For more information and intimidating language, see Pitch Club on Calagator.