With Clouds now available on PHP Fog the forecast looks bright

So you’ve been enamored of PHP Fog‘s push-button simplicity for all of your PHP applications, WordPress installs, and whatnot. But you’ve really been waiting for them to have a more cloudy environment.

Well, wait no longer, gentle reader. PHP Fog now offers you the ability to manage your own Clouds on their platform allowing you to run apps for as little as $2 per month.

But what are PHP Fog Clouds—aside from some tropospheric meteorological anomaly—you ask?

PHP Fog Clouds are private multi-tenant environments–you can have as many of your own apps shared on a set of dedicated servers that do not have any strangers code on them. You can scale each of your Clouds to as many servers as you want and each Cloud can run up to 125 applications. When you average out the per-app cost this way, you can run applications for as little as $2/application/month. We are delivering this new feature all while continuing to provide incredibly simple scalability, easy deployment with git, outstanding reliability, and blazing fast performance.

Still not exactly what you’re looking for? Well, you’re in luck. PHP Fog is asking you where they should focus next. So get on that.

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