Zooka and HuMn Wallet: Already funded Portland Kickstarter projects… but you’re going to want to grab them

Sometimes, there are so many cool Portland projects going on Kickstarter that I think I need a-whole-nother blog dedicated to them. But then I get tired thinking about starting another blog. So I post here.

Here are two awesome projects that have secured funding—Zooka and the HuMn Wallet.


You’ve only got three more days to snag a Zooka, an awesome bluetooth speaker for your iPad—or any other Bluetooth device. Don’t have Bluetooth? Well, you can just jack-in old school, then.


HuMn Wallet

Wouldn’t your new Simple card look pretty good in here?

The HuMn Wallet was born out of necessity and lots of traveling. Being two dudes on the go, we’ve tried almost every type of wallet, money clip, card case, and wallet mutation out there. We were looking for a way to keep what we needed in our wallets, while getting rid of the things we didn’t. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong.

To support these awesome Portland projects, visit Zooka or HuMn Wallet, respectively.