Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship, is in the running to be mayor of Portland

Well, sort of.

It’s March Madness, the time of year when a vast majority of eyes turn to college basketball. And it’s also the thick of the Portland mayoral race. So why not—in some Frankenstein-like mashup—try to pick Portland’s next mayor by way of bracket? That’s exactly what the folks at Willamette Week are doing.

And Scott Kveton of Urban Airship is one of the candidates.

The most exciting thing happening in Portland this week is the NCAA Basketball Tournament’s arrival at the Rose Garden.

The least exciting, this and every other week: the mayor’s race.

We can fix this.

Using the fail-safe American tradition, the March Madness bracket, we can arrive at a better, more enticing candidate to succeed Sam Adams.

There are any number of interesting folks in the WWeek bracket—from Portlandia to Pink Martini, Timber Joey to Blaze the Cat, and Cool Nutz to Livewire’s Courtney Hameister. But the only contender from the Portland startup scene? @Kveton.

He’s the 10th seed of his bracket. Competing against the 7th seed. And everyone loves an underdog, right? Right. So we should vote for him, right? Right.

Voting closes at 8PM tonight. Vote early and often.