Interested in Agile? Don’t miss AgilePalooza Portland

Portland is no stranger to Agile Development. Heck, one of the original signers of the Agile Manifesto, Ward Cunningham, lives here in town.

But where can you go if you want to hang out with a whole bunch of likeminded Agile types? Look no further than AgilePalooza.

AgilePaloozas are fun, low cost events that bring internationally recognized coaches and trainers into communities for a day of learning and advancing agile methods. If there are any funds left over after the event, they go directly back into the AgilePalooza program or are donated to the local agile user groups supporting AgilePalooza. These events are about serious agile learning in a fun atmosphere.

There will be two tracks: Practicing Agile (basic) and Planning Agile (advanced). It’s your choice to attend any session, no matter what session it is. We will also hold an open space session in the afternoon.

AgilePalooza will be held this Friday, April 13, at the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel. Want to go? Well RSVP and use the code “V1Save50-Forest” to get half off.

For more information, visit AgilePalooza.