Urban Airship Newsstand Publisher: It’s like the publications almost sell themselves

One of the benefits of push notifications is keeping users engaged long after the application has been installed on their device. Why should publications be any different?

That’s why Urban Airship has developed Newsstand Publisher, a new product that enables digital periodicals to foster a more active relationship with their readers.

Newsstand Publisher leverages Apple’s Newsstand on iOS, allowing publishers to fully engage subscribers and drive subscription renewals, additional purchases, and new subscriptions. It uses Urban Airship’s Push Notifications to inform subscribers of subscription, in-app purchase, and free sample content and breaking news, reengaging them with your app on a regular basis. Publishers can also use Rich Push® to deliver more interactive content.

That’s right, subscription management, messaging management, and security all built in to one straightforward service. Making it easier for publishers and more compelling for their readers.

Very cool.

For more, see the Urban Airship Newsstand Publisher product sheet.