Portland’s XOXO festival hopes to feel the Kickstarter love

Portland has found Kickstarter to be an amazing source of crowdfunded capital for any number of creative projects.

But what about crowdfunding an event? Well, if anyone is going to make that happen it’s a Portlander who knows Kickstarter, inside and out. And if early funding is any indication, the XOXO festival—a celebration of disruptive creativity—is well on track to hit its goal.

Andy Baio has joined forces with Andy McMillan to build an incredible conference—and fringe events—that are going to showcase the people creatively using technology to create new opportunities. They are, that is, if their project gets funded.


Looks like September in Portland has the chance to be incredibly awesome with your help.

Plus, if Andy’s video doesn’t make you fall in love with Portland all over again, I don’t know what will.

For more information or to back this project, visit XOXO on Kickstarter.