Deperately seeking cofounder or desperately looking for an excuse to move to Portland? FounderDating can help… if you hurry

Portland recently unlocked the FounderDating program for our city. Now, it’s time to take the next step: registering to be a founder in the network. But you’ve got to hurry. The application deadline for the first round closes August 9.

I hear you. You’ve been to Portland Startup Weekend. You go to every tech event in town. You attend user groups… Long story short, you’ve already farmed the entire founder network here in Portland. So why on earth would you join FounderDating, here in Portland?

Oddly enough, that’s exactly the reason to join FounderDating, here in Portland. (And honestly why FounderDating should be heavily promoting the fact that they have a chapter here.)

You see, by joining FounderDating you not only gain access to a prescreened group of potential cofounders—50% of which are engineering and development focused—you gain access to the entire FounderDating network.

That means you get access to people in the Bay Area and New York and across the US. And honestly, at a time when any number of awesome people are looking for even the littlest excuse to move to Portland? It’s perfect for us. It’s that final thing that gets more awesome entrepreneurs deciding to call Portland home.

We work in application rounds. They are consecutive – when one round closes, the next one opens so you can always apply to join FounderDating. Each round has a deadline to apply. Once invited you’ll get online access to the ENTIRE network – across all cities! To things kick things off for each round we also hold an offline Kickoff (clever, we know). It’s a way for new members to meet and get introduced to the FounderDating community and values. But it’s just an introduction. Online is where it’s at.

So take a few minutes to fill out a profile. And get to finding that cofounder so your awesome startup can really take off. Or, if you’re an existing startup with a couple of cofounders

For more information or to register, visit FounderDating.