Like music and tech? Well for that, you’ll need Bandwidth

When it comes right down to it, tech is as creative of an industry as any. So it comes as no surprise that, in a day and age where tech is becoming more and more accessible, that other art forms are beginning to crossover and merge with it. Music is a great example.

And this week in Portland, the mix of music and tech will be taking center stage as the Bandwidth conference—a mixture of music, technology, and cocktails—takes place.

Bandwidth 2012 discusses how fans discover, interact with, and monetize music. Marketing, new media, and new technologies are central to these conversations.

Bandwidth 2012 will focus on current trends and innovations in the industry. We’ll also feature some sessions focused on the theme “Fast Forward” — reaching beyond the imminent changes in the industry, technologies and culture. “Fast Forward” will examine what comes beyond simply “next,” considering the longview and the impact on our work today.

The best part of Bandwidth, though, is the format. A roundtable-driven discussion that allows attendees to interact directly with the speakers. More like a private workshop than a conference.

Bandwidth features inclusive, boardroom-sized conversations led by music, technology and digital leaders. That’s right – no large panels. These are discussions where you’re sitting at the same table with exciting thought leaders and an intimate group of bonafide music and industry professionals.

To further enhance the conversations, Bandwidth is invite only. Much like Tim O’Reilly’s Foo Camp. But if you’re in the industry, there’s still a chance for you to participate.

The event runs Monday and Tuesday. Registration is $645. For more information or to inquire about an invite, visit Bandwidth, follow @bandwidthsf on Twitter, or like Bandwidth on Facebook.