It goes to eleven: The eleventeenth Ignite Portland takes place, this week

September has been an amazing month for Portland events (more on that later). And the hits just keep on coming.

This week, a tried and true Portland event takes the stage for its eleventeenth installment. That’s right. It’s time once again for Ignite Portland.

Ignite Portland 11 will take place Wednesday, September 19th, at what has become the home of Ignite Portland, the McMenamin’s Bagdad Theater.

Who will be speaking? I’m glad you asked. Here’s the roster:

As always, Ignite Portland is free to attend—and first come, first served. But a food donation is requested. In fact, if you bring something for the Oregon Food Bank, you get to enter before people who don’t bring anything.

For more information, visit Ignite Portland or follow @igniteportland on Twitter.