In Portland? CTO? Meet your peers for beers. Or another beverage of your choice.

Now I don’t want this to be taken as a last minute “oh you’re a CTO; you probably have a rather sparse social calendar” invite. But… Tuesday, October 16, a new, regularly scheduled gathering of Portland CTOs has been proposed: Portland CTO Forum.

What’s Portland CTO Forum, you ask?

Our events give members a time to wine and dine with each other around technology topics and elegant exchanges with various sponsors. We only pick venues and sponsors that will help create a special environment where CTO’s can mingle with like minded people who face similar challenges.

This is our first event in Portland! Lisa and I run successful CTO groups in Austin, TX and San Diego, CA. As a CTO myself I need the company of plenty who have gone before me and Lisa’s event planning expertise always makes me feel loved.

Cool right? Birds of a feather and whatnot? I know, right?

So if you’re in Portland and you’re a CTO and you’re free Tuesday evening after work, get to going.

For more information, visit Portland CTO Forum or follow @portlandCTO on Twitter.

(Image courtesy Mr. Thomas. Used under Creative Commons.)