Portland gets even more Drupal-icious: Acquia expands Portland presence

It’s always nice when awesome tech companies have a branch office in Portland. I mean, Walmart Labs, Treehouse, New Relic, Google, eBay… all of the cool kids are doing that these days. But you know what’s even nicer? When they expand that branch office like Acquia just did.

Never heard of Acquia? Well, if you’re not into the world of Drupal, they might not ring any bells. I mean, except for the fact that they’re the #1 software vendor on the Inc 500, this year. And the eighth fastest growing company, overall.

Acquia has had a small crew here in town. Now they’re expanding the team and moving into Old Town.

Located in Portland’s Old Town Chinatown neighborhood, Acquia worked with the Portland Development Commission (PDC) and the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) to secure 3500 square feet of office space. The office’s co-location in the building with the PDC and TAO will provide Acquia unique advantages as it works to raise its profile in Portland. The office will play an important role in helping Acquia grow its business, speed new products and innovations to market, and provide 24×7 follow-the- sun operations and support to its growing global customer base.

And they’re not the only Drupal-y types around here. The Drupal Association is headquartered in Portland. And DrupalCon will be held here, next year.

“Portland is both a beautiful city and a hotbed of innovative web design, cloud technology and open source development”, said Tom Erickson, Acquia CEO, in a press release. “We’ve attracted technical talent from Tennessee to British Columbia to be a part of our Portland team building out our west coast center for cloud engineering and customer service. Having both east and west coast technical centers will allow us to scale faster and continue to provide our award winning products and customer experience.”

What about Portland is most appealing to Acquia? Well according to the company:

“Portland is the perfect home for our expanded west coast tech center. In addition to being a beautiful city, Portland is also a center of innovative web design, cloud technology and open source development. This is a great environment for Acquia, which is known for innovation, such as our elastic cloud. Portland is a beautiful, modern city, with a rich culture and other amenities that would offer our employees a great quality of life, making it easier for Acquia to build its tech center team.”

So what should Portland expect from Acquia’s growing presence in town?

“As Acquia seeks to extend its best-in-class cloud offerings and superior customer service experiences for web applications, it expects to be doubling the size of its Portland staff in 2013, hiring software and cloud engineers, technical account managers, client advisors and cloud operations engineers from Portland and the surrounding region. Through our new tech center and staff expansion, we will be contributing to the booming Silicon Forest tech community. When you put it all together, we’re thrilled to call Portland our new home.”

For more information, read Acquia’s press release on the new Portland office.