Get an iPhone or iPod Touch for the holidays? Make your gaming experience that much better with WynCASE

While many folks get an iPhone to be—well, a phone—many soon discover that it works far better as a gaming and computing device than an actual phone. But that gameplay can often leave a bit to be desired.

That’s why a Portland company is using Kickstarter to propose a new kind of iPhone and iPod Touch case, that turns the handset into a more familiar game controller.


There’s only about a week left on the campaign. And they’ve still got a ways to go. But to read the reviews, folks are really psyched about the idea. And the technology seems pretty awesome.

So if you picked up an iOS device for the holidays—or if you’ve had one for quite a while—you might give the WynCASE a gander and consider kicking a few bucks its way.

For more information, visit the WynCASE controller project on Kickstarter or check out WynLABS.