Two of the five most well funded social software startups are Portland companies says Jeremiah Owyang

Now, I know as well as anyone that Portlanders have overly aggressive humility. And that folks are unwilling to toot their own horns. But when independent research shines a spotlight on what’s happening here, that’s worth embracing. Such was the case today with Jeremiah Owyang.

According to his research, two of the top five most well funded social software companies (excluding consumer facing software) were from right here in Portland.

Jive Software was one. (Ah ah ah. Don’t start. They raised the money while they were headquartered here. And besides, I’ll defend their move to the Valley any day of the week.) The other? Janrain. Which was just added to the list thanks to the funding announcement today.

Today, Janrain announced they’ve raised $33m, This is one of the largest individual rounds, and also puts Janrain in the list of top 5 funded startups in the social software companies in the space. (this does not include consumer social startups, like Facebook, Groupon, Foursquare)

Not too shabby.

For more information, read Jeremiah’s VC research from Altimeter.

(Image courtesy LeWEB12. Used under Creative Commons.)