Nothing 2-bit about it: Uncorked Studios adds Anne-Marie Harbour to team

Portland contextual-design agency Uncorked Studios—which was founded by former Wieden+Kennedy folks—has added another W+K alum to their roster, Anne-Marie Harbour.

Anne-Marie joins the team fresh off the success of 2-Bit Bub, the iOS game designed to support ParaNorman, the latest feature from Portland’s LAIKA.

“We’re honored to have Ann-Marie joining us at Uncorked,” said founder Marcelino Alvarez in a press release. “We hope that she can help us strengthen our current client relationships, produce seemingly impossible projects, and continue to deliver products that combine the best of our collective histories at ad agencies and software companies.”

While at W+K, Anne-Marie and Marcelino collaborated on some of the agency’s most compelling recent successes, including the Nike Chalkbot and the Old Spice “Responses” campaign.

For more on the hire, see Uncorked’s “New Year, New Faces” post.

Uncorked Studios is a contextual design agency based in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 2010 as one of the original members of the Portland Incubator Experiment. Uncorked focuses on designing and developing user-centric products on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, web, and physical installations. Uncorked’s current clients include TrapIt, LEGO, JumperCut and Bambu. For more information, visit Uncorked Studios or follow @uncorkedstudios on Twitter.

[Full disclosure: Uncorked started out of PIE. I work for PIE.]