I am the Architect: Portland World Information Architecture Day 2013, February 9

Whenever there are worldwide hacks or events, it’s always nice to have Portland in the mix. That’s why it’s cool that we’ve got our own portion of the World Information Architecture Day 2013, this Saturday, February 9. Even better? It’s free.

In 2013, the Information Architecture Institute seeks to facilitate a global conversation about “the architecture part” of IA and to focus the 2nd annual World IA Day on generating ideas and artifacts that allow greater understanding of what we mean when we say “architecture” and when we say “design” in our research and practice.

Speakers include Jeanne Turner of Walmart Labs, Matthew Baranauskas and Noah DiJulio of Ziba Design, Alison Stump of The Social Wall.

For more information, visit World Information Architecture Day 2013 PDX