Building something B2B? New startup accelerator 9Mile Labs wants to help

You can’t swing a dead term sheet without hitting a startup accelerator or two, these days. So it’s good to see some diversification in the market. Take 9Mile Labs out of Seattle, for example.

Instead of chasing the consumer-facing technology that most accelerators do, they’ve chosen to focus on the problems impacting today’s businesses. And finding the startups that have the best chance of solving those B2B issues—so that they have the best chance of succeeding.

One other way that 9Mile Labs is slightly different is our exclusive focus on B2B startups. All of us founders are career B2B software guys and the mentor network we are recruiting are all B2B-focused superstars. While we acknowledge that we end up narrowing the applicant pool with the B2B-only strategy, we believe we improve the chances of success for our startups with the laser focus.

Sound interesting? I thought it might.

Seattle’s not that far away. And the deadline for applications is even closer. If you’re interested in participating, submit an application to 9Mile Labs by February 15.

For more information, visit 9Mile Labs.

[Full disclosure: I’m a mentor for 9Mile Labs.]