Being in beta is so 2012: Vizify opens platform to the public and sweetens the deal with Vizcards

Spring is always a great time to freshen things up. And Portland’s Vizify—an alum of both TechStars Seattle and the Portland Seed Fund—is doing its best to help you do just that. Today, they opened their platform to the world and launched some new chunk of functionality called Vizcards.

Vizcards are bite-sized infographics about you, created from prompts so you don’t have to wrestle with writer’s block. They showcase your achievements, interests, and quirks, both professionally and personally.

Or as cofounder Todd Silverstein told The Next Web:

It’s designed to enhance your bio and showcase your personality, achievements, and quirks. In addition, these graphics can also be published as single graphics — Silverstein says that right now, the cards cannot be embedded onto any website, but this feature will be enabled soon.

But even more impressive? It appears that during Vizify’s invite only beta period that they managed to rack up a quarter of a million users on the platform. That’s pretty amazing. And it will be really interesting to see what happens now that anyone and everyone can create a profile.

For more information, visit Vizify. For more on the new feature, visit Vizcards.