Portland Lunch 2.0 Beaverton edition: A reminder that OTBC hosts on May 29

Every once in a while, it’s nice to take Portland Lunch 2.0 outside of Portland, so that folks who don’t work in the city get a chance to participate as well. This Wednesday is one such jaunt as our friends at OTBC will be hosting Lunch 2.0 in Beaverton.

In Beaverton or Hillsboro? Want a Portland Lunch 2.0 a little closer to your neck of the woods? You’re in luck. OTBC has volunteered to host May 29. Portland types are welcome, as well.

What’s the OTBC? It’s one of the original tech accelerators in the area, providing “coaching, mentoring, networking events, entrepreneurship programs, and office space to help tech, biotech, cleantech and opentech start-up ventures succeed.”

And of course on Wednesday, May 29, they’re also providing lunch.

For more information, visit OTBC hosts Portland (Beaverton) Lunch 2.0.