Grow for less: Early bird pricing for GROWconf ends today

I always joke that Portland folks have to leave Portland to meet up with other Portland folks. Or at least to have the time to chat with them. And the GROW Conference in Vancouver—no, the other one—is a great opportunity to do that. As an added bonus, you can see Portlanders speak, too.

That’s right. Portland folks Scott Kveton of Urban Airship, Joe Stump of Sprintly, Josh Reich of Simple, and Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch will all be on the docket. Along with a ton of other awesome tech speakers.

Even better news? If you act now—like right now—you can still get early bird pricing before Monday, July 29 ends.

What’s that? You’re reading this after July 29? There, there. Turn that frown upside down. You can still use the Silicon Florist discount to knock a few bucks off your GROW registration.

For more information, visit GROW Conference. Or just take my word for it and register for GROW.

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