Going back to the roots of the Silicon Forest: Hardware renaissance sparks electronic systems pitch competition

While there are any number of amazing things happening in the Portland startup scene with Web and mobile, the glimmers of a hardware renaissance are upon us. And that harkens back to the days that when the Silicon Forest garnered its moniker.

Now, to help keep the momentum going, the OTBC and Axiom Electronics have partnered to give folks working on hardware startups a little more inspiration:

The Silicon Forest isn’t just about web and mobile apps – it’s about building electronic systems too. If you’re working on a startup that requires designing and building an electronic system, here’s a chance to get some exposure, and perhaps win some prize money.

What’s at stake? $1,000 being put up by OTBC and electronics manufacturing company Axiom Electronics – and some valuable feedback on your technology approach and your business model.

Sound interesting? Get more details on the hardware competition or go ahead and register to compete.

(Image courtesy Emmet Connolly. Used under Creative Commons.)