No more teacher's dirty looks: EdCaliber lands $500,000 round to help educators meet state standards

Education is a tricky market. There’s a great deal of momentum building about changing the broken status quo. But educators still need support to manage the current requirements about standards and curricula. And that’s where Portland’s EdCaliber sees an opportunity.

Apparently, investors do too. EdCaliber just closed a $500,000 seed round.

EdCaliber plans to announce this morning that it’s closed a $500,000 investment round to fund its business.

The backing includes $335,000 raised last fall from individual investors and from the Oregon Growth Account, an economic development fund fed by proceeds from state lottery dollars.

Investors with the entrepreneurial association TiE Oregon have now added another $165,000, which EdCaliber says it will use to step up its sales and marketing efforts in anticipation of the Common Core launch.

What’s EdCaliber do?

The EdCaliber Instructional Improvement System (IIS) is the best way for educators to collaborate, find resources, plan lessons and track mastery of Common Core and state standards.

And given the efforts to rethink our educational system are going to take awhile, that seems to be a very good place to be.

For more information on the round, read Mike Rogoway’s writeup. For more on the company, visit EdCaliber.