After further analysis: Portland's Measureful retools offering to focus on marketing folks

Portland Seed Fund and Upstart Labs alum Measureful has taken a dose of their own medicine. After carefully analyzing where their product was getting traction in the market, they’ve retooled their offering to focus their efforts on marketing and agency types. And it’s paying off. VentureBeat just called them the “Flipboard of data.”

“Brands, website owners, and marketers are using between eight to 12 marketing platforms, like Mailchimp, Instagram, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc., so we bring those data sources together and provide a holistic view of all their marketing activities,” Founder and CEO John Koenig told VentureBeat. “For agencies, we’re a workflow reporting tool, automating what humans and Excel have done in the past, spending spending hours every week.”

And that’s a lot of effort. John should know. He used to do it all by hand. But now Measureful simplifies that process. And highlights the stories that the data has to offer.

“In short, we turn giant piles of data that marketers and agencies deal with into digestible stories that show the key takeaways, trends, and ROI of your marketing activities in the form or beautiful, customizable infographic-like reports,” John told GeekWire.

Measureful starts at $40 per month—with a discount for annual subscriptions—allowing up to 10 reports.

For more information, visit Measureful.