You deserve a premium profile. Vizify is here to help.

What’s the best way to monetize your startup offering? Build something for which people are willing to pay. And that’s just where Vizify is going. Today, they released some awesome new features that make it drop dead simple to set up a personal Web site. And those features come with a price tag.

According to GeekWire:

The premium version allows you to change the background and color scheme, move around the circles and insert everything from images, video, audio and documents. You can link up all your social media accounts for seamless access to content.

Another cool aspect of the premium version is a personal domain name, which has been Vizify’s most-requested feature. Premium plans come with a custom domain like “yourname.com,” with Vizify acquiring and configuring everything for you. Users can also host their Vizify bio on an already-established domain.

Pricing starts at around $7 per month. And standard Vizify remains free.

For more information, visit Vizify Premium.