Run the race you want to run: Athletepath lands nearly $1 million in additional funding

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about the startup scene is that there are any number of paths to success. It’s all about having an objective in mind. And running the race you want to run. And Portland’s Athletepath has been doing just that.

The company has been running lean, eschewing taking a large amount of capital in favor of driving revenue to grow the company. But every once in a while, a little capital helps pour fuel on the fire. And quite a nice fire it is. On to which one could pour fuel. (Currently, Athletepath is working with over 1500 events and they boast more than 1.5 million athletes on our site.)

Recognizing the opportunity, Athletepath decided to go after a little more fuel. So they took another $925,000 in funding for the company.

Portland startup Athletepath disclosed in a regulatory filing this week that it’s raised another $925,000 in investment, which the company says it will use to bolster its sales and marketing and to reach out internationally.

The new backing comes from a mix of current and new investors, according to David Embree, founder and chief executive. He said the company has now raised $1.5 million altogether.

For more information, visit Athletepath.

[Full disclosure: Athletepath is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]