Power to the people: Showkicker helps fans Crowdbook concerts

Even with the success of platforms like Kickstarter, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the potential applications of the crowdfunding model. Here in Portland—where folks love both their making and their backing—we’re seeing companies start to expand on that model. Take Portland Seed Fund alum Showkicker, which launched today.

Welcome to Showkicker from Showkicker on Vimeo.

Showkicker makes it easy for anyone to create his or her dream show. With just a few simple steps fans can create “kickers” for a live performance in their hometown. Fans then utilize Showkicker’s social media platform to promote their dream show. Once enough fans have pledged on a show, the artist commits to playing and the fans pledges are convert to purchased tickets. A venue and a date are set, fans get notified and the show happens. The result is simple; artists get to play more live shows and fans get the show they want.

But it’s not just the fans. The artists can use Showkicker as a promotional venue, as well, gauging fan interest in regions and helping them better organize their schedules around the folks who want to see them most—and fund the trips.

“Showkicker allows fans to harness their collective voice to demand that we play in their city of choice,“ said Seattle musician Mycle Wastman. “Showkicker helped us to play a show in Portland when we weren’t sure it was possible and give full credit to Showkicker for helping us to rally Portland fans.”

Call me crazy, but Jordis seems to have taken a liking to the platform, already.


For more information or to try it for yourself, visit Showkicker.

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