The more startups, the better: Portland Startup Weekend Access strives to increase diversity of entrepreneurs and projects

I’ve always been impressed with the Portland Startup Weekend crew. They’ve taken a concept and continued to push it in new and different directions. Like their Tech4Change project with Mercy Corps. And like their latest effort, Portland Startup Weekend Access.

It’s the first Startup Weekend of its kind.

You’re invited to attend Startup Weekend Access, a Startup Weekend focused on making entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone. Our mission is to create an environment where anyone can innovate together. We’re focusing on accessibility to provide better access for people with disabilities and fluid collaboration amongst every participant. An appropriate accessible environment with the necessary auxiliary aids support services will be provided!

So not only will the event strive to be more inclusive than it has in the past, but it will also present an opportunity to focus on startups that enhance accessibility, as well.

The idea came about last year, when Cory Klatik and Todd Bachman noticed that one way to improve an already awesome event was to make it more easily accessible to those with disabilities. So they decided to do just that. With the support of Up Global, the parent company of Startup Weekend, and sponsors like Google, a long-time Startup Weekend sponsor, the two organizers have presented the opportunity to change Startup Weekend for the better—making a difference here in Portland and potentially all future Startup Weekends, worldwide.

The event will be held at the Portland Development Commission, February 7-9. Tickets are still available.

For more information or to register, visit Portland Startup Weekend Access