And then the Portland startup scene got even more Incredible

Now, it’s no secret. I’m a little bullish on this whole “Portland startup scene” thing. I mean, I really, really, truly believe that there are a bunch of awesome people here. Doing a bunch of amazing things. And whenever I can help shed a little light on what’s happening here? I try to do that. Because Portland is awesome. But now? Now it’s also Incredible.

See, I think we’ve done a really good job of assisting the early and seed stage startups. Especially given our size. But there are still gaps. Still areas where we could do better. And today, a new company launched to help fill a few of those gaps.

Meet Incredible, a collaboration among Portland entrepreneurs that reminds me of projects like Upstart Labs (RIP), Milk (RIP), and Obvious Corp.

We make companies.

Building and transforming technology companies is our common purpose. We are a storied group with distinct disciplines in business, technology and design, joined in the mission to create thriving companies. With an intensive, collaborative and fearless spirit, we build incredible.

The collective—which initially consists of cofounders like long-time Portland serial entrepreneur Josh Friedman, early stage CTO and product lead Peat Bakke, and award-winning creative strategist Carrie Solomon—aims to help get fledgling projects to the next level, while also working on turnaround projects. And yes, those may be Portland companies or companies outside the region.

Long story short, it’s a compelling combination of business, technology, and design that could be beneficial to any number of companies.

Wonder triplet powers, activate!

Now, the team is solid. The concept is great. And the need is there. So one of the first questions I asked about the project was regarding space. Was this going to be a virtual thing? Or would they have physical space? (Spoiler alert: I’m a huge fan of the serendipity that occurs with shared space.)

“Building the companies in our physical space is a big part of the model,” Josh said.

So, I backed off on the questioning. And am going to sit back and wait for them to get their footing.

It’s still early, but I’m pretty psyched to see where this venture goes. Great balanced team. With plenty of startup scars and big time experience. And it seems like a compelling opportunity to accelerate successful startups, rejigger faltering projects, and turnaround failing but promising concepts.

Looking forward to watching this project get up to speed.

For more information, visit Incredible or follow @buildIncredible on Twitter.