Building features faster than that yellow Angry Bird: Rovio adopts Orchestrate to streamline feature development

A number of Portland startups create solutions that attract big name customers: Jama, Janrain, Puppet, and Urban Airship, among others. But it’s always nice to add another Portland startup to the mix. Which we can now that Rovio—of Angry Birds fame—is using Orchestrate for rapid feature development.

“Orchestrate’s solution made it possible to prototype new ideas and features in record time, for example allowing for quick searches over Rovio Accounts user names for blacklisted terms such as obscenities and trademarks,” said Juhani Honkala, SVP, Head of Skynest at Rovio. “New services like Orchestrate can drastically change enterprise infrastructure by removing unnecessary barriers to product development, and opening new possibilities in app functionality by freeing data from their respective silos.”

Thanks to Orchestrate’s “databases as a service” offering, Rovio now spends less time mucking with databases and more time focused on interesting features.

“It’s something that they would have had to set up their own search cluster for otherwise, and they were able to develop a new feature and prototype it and basically have it ready for production within a couple of hours,” Antony Falco, the cofounder and chief executive of Orchestrate, told VentureBeat.

For more information, read Orchestrate’s post on the Rovio project.

[Full disclosure: Orchestrate is a PIE alum. I’m the cofounder of PIE.]