With a week to go, Ultra's Violet approaches the halfway point on its Kickstarter goal

It’s no secret that Portland and the sun have an odd relationship. We love it and all. It just doesn’t show up that often. So when it does, it would be awesome to have a way of making the most of it—without overindulging. That’s the idea behind Ultra’s Violet, the first-ever wearable device that helps track your UV exposure and measure sun-generated vitamin D.

Ultra's Violet

We need balanced sun exposure for our well-being. How do we know if we have too much or too little sun exposure? That’s why we developed Violet. It eliminates the guesswork by quantifying both detrimental and beneficial effects of sun. Violet is not just another gadget to generate data. It is designed as a solution to encourage behavioral change toward better health by minimizing the risks while maximizing the benefits of sunlight exposure. Our goal is to help you safely enjoy the sun without fear and to “live ultra healthy.”

The Violet Kickstarter campaign is nearly halfway to its $100,000 goal, with a bunch of interesting rewards still available. And these types of things are known for having a last minute run-up. Once all of the “Remind Me” emails go out for the last 48 hours of the campaign.

For more information or to help fund the campaign, visit Violet: Track your sun exposure and vitamin D levels.