It's not just genius… SuperGenius and Clackamas Community College continue to collaborate on game developer academy

It’s a common complaint. Folks need talent. But they also need talent that has applicable knowledge—not just a theoretical understanding. In order to gain that type of knowledge, however, they need opportunities to get hands on with technology. Which is what makes programs like SuperGenius Academy so awesome.

The SuperGenius Academy was founded as a means to teach aspiring game developers the skills necessary to be vital members of a professional game development team. It is a course taught by video game veterans who have dedicated their lives to making games and now want to pass on that knowledge to a new generation of students who aim to do the same. Unlike many of the for-profit game development schools both online and scattered across the country, we believe our craft should be taught by professionals who have run the gauntlet of game development and have experienced first-hand, the many faces and challenges of our industry. It seems the natural order of things for game veterans to take a break from the rigors of production and spend some time passing on everything they have learned.

For more on the program or to figure out how you can get involved, read up on SuperGenius Academy.