Blame it on the rain: Leave it to Oregon to have multiple types of startup focused RAIN efforts

It’s been said that Eskimos have a variety of words for snow. So it would only stand to reason that we Oregonians would be equally drawn to our own favorite form of precipitation. And even use it as means of identification. Potentially even using it to as an acronym. To name startup accelerators. Or investment funds. Or something. Maybe. I’m saying “Maybe.”

What’s that? Oh. Oh I see. We did do that? Oh. Okay.

Well, um, it seems this week we do have a couple of RAINs competing for attention, as RAIN and RAIN are in the news.

And that can cause a little consternation—for all parties involved. RAIN or shine. But given that these efforts are designed to ensure that the rising water floats all boats, we should make it clear. So that no one was drowning in confusion.

So to prevent any RAIN delays, I thought I could provide a little clarification. Maybe clear some of the clouds as it were.


The Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network (RAIN) got a great write-up in the Portland Business Journal:

The Oregon Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network (RAIN) formally started in May and since then the board and its executive director Jim Coonan have been busy gathering resources and convening stakeholders.

The group is convening government leaders, higher education leaders and local entrepreneurs to galvanize economic development in the southern Willamette Valley and create sustainable businesses.

While a little further south, the Roseburg Angel Investor Network (RAIN) has opened up its application process. Where it’s hoping to help a little lightning strike.

The difference between a wildly successful business or one that falls flat on the floor could be whether you have the funding and support to launch and grow that idea. That’s why we exist. We’re entrepreneurs and investors in Southern Oregon (mostly Roseburg) who are betting on Oregon entrepreneurs to help grow our community.

Applying Is Easy. This could be the best single investment in your time and money this year. If you’re passionate about your idea or business and know that funding and support will help you grow, create jobs, and launch your business…

Did that clear the clouds a bit? Maybe part the waters a tad? I hope so. It should be smooth sailing from here. I mean really. Let’s be honest. Oregonians can always use a little more rain. Because we miss the rains.

For more information on the RAINs, visit the Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network or the Roseburg Angel Investor Network.

And of course for those of you who don’t already have the song stuck in your head