Brett Caine named CEO of Urban Airship

One of the most visible and successful Portland startups of this generation has a new leader steering the ship. Today, Urban Airship announced that Brett Caine, most recently of Citrix Online, has been hired as CEO and taken a seat on the company board. And in so doing, brings more seasoned executive talent to the company.

According to UA:

Brett Caine brings 22-years of executive experience in the technology industry with a strong background in scaling Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses from startups to the global “go-to” choice in a number of industries. As former president of Citrix Online, Brett grew revenue from $40M to $600M over his decade of service with the company to become one of the largest SaaS providers in the world. Prior to joining Citrix Online, Caine held executive positions with several leading software companies including Openwave Systems, Software.com and Clarify, Inc.

Brett shared some of his vision on the Urban Airship blog:

I’m excited. I’m excited by the industry, the opportunity for Urban Airship, and for our ability to impact our customers’ business. Only Urban Airship has the reach to deliver experiences to the hands of billions of consumers. The team has been at mobile engagement’s frontlines since the beginning—driving technical innovations and industry-first consumer experiences—offering a wealth of know-how and best practices to help guide our customers down the right path.

My goal as CEO is to accelerate our growth and scale the business globally. We have a tremendous opportunity to expand and be side by side with our customers in order to maximize their success. My experience as president of Citrix Online allowed me to grow the SaaS business from $40M to $600M and from 225 employees to 2000. I believe Urban Airship has the same growth potential and an even bigger market opportunity! Forrester Research says firms will spend $189 billion between now and 2017 to engineer platforms and processes for mobile engagement, pegging mobile systems of engagement as a $32.4B market by 2018.

It will be interesting to see where this goes.

For more information, visit Urban Airship.