Training partner: Athletepath partners with Under Armour's MapMyFitness to help racers train from race to race

Portland startup Athletepath has become the go to source for amateur competitive athletes to track their progress and share their results from race to race. But what about all of that training time in between? Well, get ready to be happy. Athletepath has partnered with MapMyFitness to make sure you’re covered.

Race season is officially underway. If you are looking for that extra dose of motivation, we are announcing a new partnership today with AthletePath that makes connecting with races much easier. Through a direct integration with MapMyFitness, AthletePath is aiming to enhance the event stories athletes and friends share (including race results) alongside your training data.

By connecting your MapMyFitness account, you can also view workout data (such as distance, time, and pace) directly in your profile to make sure you are ready to rock when it comes to race day. What’s great about this integration is that you have the option to view your MapMyFitness friends’ workout activity as well – just what you need to get make sure you don’t hit Snooze on Monday morning’s run.

This is a big deal. Because MapMyFitness? It’s part of Under Armour. You know, that little apparel company.

For more information, see the blog post from MapMyFitness.

[Full disclosure: Athletepath is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. Oh, and while I’ve got you, we’ve got PIE Demo Day coming up.]