Is that a richer profile or are you just happy to see me? Janrain acquires Arktan

Portland has been thinking about users and behavior and profiles for a while. Since Webtrends days. And because of that, we’re seeing a number of companies who are rethinking the ways we effectively use data to create better experiences for customers. Janrain is one of those companies. And today they got even better at it. By acquiring Arktan.

Today, I’m excited to announce that the Janrain platform has become even more powerful through the acquisition of Arktan, a leading digital engagement platform that has revolutionized the way brands integrate user-generated content into the customer journey. With the Arktan platform, leading customers already have the ability to create unparalleled experiences across their digital properties. Now with integration of the platform with Janrain, marketers will be able to seamlessly integrate their customer engagement experiences into their core identity management platform and leverage more data about their customers than ever before.

Janrain already enabled marketers to create profiles that go much deeper than the types of data that marketers have typically been able to collect. Now, our customers will be able to leverage the high-value behavioral and sentiment data that comes from their users’ engagement to connect with their customers on an even deeper level.

For more on the acquistion, see Janrain’s blog post.