Was one of your resolutions to be more social? Portland startup event organizers have combined forces to help you [UPDATE 2]

[UPDATE] Just got word that this event is being rescheduled. More details after the break. [/UPDATE] What do you get when you mix NewTech PDX, 1 Million Cups Portland, and Portland Startup Happy Hour? Um. Okay. Well, I don’t know either. But how about if you mix all of those at the beginning of the year? Okay then. Now we’re cooking. That’s right. You get the Portland Launch 2015 event, a way for all sorts of startup types to kick off the new year with their peers.


Alas… the Portland Launch 15 Startup Party won’t be happening this weekend as planned. We think most of the startup community needs more mourning 2014 or at least needs time to shake off the holiday season malaise.

Regardless of the reason we didn’t have enough registrations to assure us a good showing. So rather than end up with what would have been a great Beer Pong tournament that would have lasted for three days we opted to call off the party and regroup come springtime.

So keep your eyes peeled for a new event. We are a huge tribe of startups and too few of us get the opportunity to learn and meet each other to make great things happen. We need more cross-promoted startup events to help us succeed. Stay Tuned Portland!


New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. Chance favors the prepared. We’re grabbing every opportunity by the scruff of the neck and making every minute count. Portland startups are claiming success for the New Year. January 10th the members of Portland’s startup scene are getting together to kick off the New Year Portland style!

We will have a hosted bar with great beer and wine, along with a buffet and awesome music!

There are so many great groups, organizations and meetups in Portland that it’s easy to get lost and only meet a small portion of this huge community. This will be the best chance to meet the up-and-comers, the recent stars and the new players on the scene.

Not bad, huh? You should go. It will be a great way to shake off those holiday cobwebs. And to meet up with some new folks in the startup scene. You might even get really crazy and kick that whole “procrastinate until the last minute to RSVP” habit you’ve developed.

The event will be held at Mercy Corps this Saturday, January 10, starting at 6PM. Tickets are $25.

For more information or to RSVP, please visit Portland Launch 2015.