Gesturing makes speakers more interesting. Now it makes the presentation more interesting too.

It’s a well known fact that gesticulating and gesturing makes speakers appear more engaging than those that just stand there stiffly—even if those two presenters say the exact same thing. It’s also a well known fact that fumbling with the clicker makes even the best presenter seem subpar. So what if those gestures could make you more interesting and could control your presentation? Now they can. With Swoosh from Portland’s OnTheGo Platforms.

OnTheGo began as effort to develop gestures for Google Glass, but quickly hit upon the concept of delivering gestures to any device with a camera. This is just the latest application of that technology.

Swoosh is currently available on the Google Play store for Android. It’s compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. And it will only set you back $1.99.

For more information or to start waving your way through presentations, visit Swoosh. Or, to see what others are saying, visit Swoosh on Product Hunt.