The Internet moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and consider peas and guacamole once in a while, you could miss it.

Oh Internet. I’m just recording this one for Portland posterity. Because, man, did that escalate quickly. For those of you who missed the play by play. Cabel Sasser—cofounder of Portland-based Panic, purveyor of fine Mac software among other things—got himself in a bit of of a pickle yesterday. Or maybe more appropriately, some pea laden guacamole.

It all started when—in response to interwebs firestorm about The New York Times article suggesting we add peas to guacamole—Cabel tweeted out this photo.


But no sooner had the fun begun than the intrepid reporting team at the Huffington Post managed to reveal the ruse as a hoax. Thank you, Fourth Estate. Thank you.


Well, if anything is to be gained of this, it’s the Photoshop file that Cabel used to create the image. Which, for better or worse, is now open source.


Until the next time Cabel causes trouble on the Internet, peas out.