Filling you in on the next experiment for PIE

As many of you know, my day job is collaborating with Wieden+Kennedy’s Portland headquarters on PIE, an experiment to figure out how technologists and other creatives work together. How corporations and startups work together. And how they can learn from one another—to mutual benefit.

PIE started as a coworking space. Then, it morphed into an early stage startup accelerator. And now, we’re looking to take on some new challenges.

In our current iteration, the easiest — and most straightforward — thing to do would be to continue running the accelerator as we’ve run it to date. Well, okay, not easy… but it would be us doing what we’ve gotten pretty decent at doing. With outcomes that would be relatively predictable.

But easy is not what we do.

We like to fix problems. We like to try new experiments. We like to make things difficult to make them interesting. Long story short, we like to start new things.

And so, even though it’s going to be scary and messy and rife with uncertainty, it’s time for the next phase of the experiment.

We’ve had a chance to talk to a few folks about it, and you can read their take in the Portland Business Journal and The Oregonian.

Some of the most immediate and tangible ways in which you can engage with the new PIE are following our learnings on Medium, helping one another on Portland Startups Switchboard, or engaging with your peers the brand new Portland Startups Slack channel.

For more information, read our post on the new flavor of PIE.