Think you're America's greatest maker? Intel wants you to prove it. On TV.

Startups and reality TV. It’s a tumultuous relationship at best. But if there’s one person who seems to have figured it out, it’s Mark Burnett of Survivor and Shark Tank fame. And that’s why Intel—yes, that Intel—has chosen to partner up with him on a startup competition with a $1 million prize, America’s Greatest Makers.

Yep. It’s a startup competition and reality show focused on makers.


America’s Greatest Makers is in the final week of submissions. Submit amazing ideas for wearable and smart-connected devices by Friday, October 2nd at www.AmericasGreatestMakers.com.

Apply to be part of America’s Greatest Makers, a new reality TV show from Intel, TBS, Executive Producer Mark Burnett and the Creators of Shark Tank. The submission process is easy and can be completed by either an individual or team. Just fill out an online application at www.AmericasGreatestMakers.com and tell us more about your idea of what’s next in the technology revolution. Highlight the “story” behind it, such as your motivation or inspiration, what market need it serves and how it will benefit people.

I can’t wait to see where this goes. Good luck. And get those applications submitted. Pronto.

For more information or to apply, I think you know where to go. But just in case, it’s www.AmericasGreatestMakers.com.