Every little bit helps: Built Oregon rallies support for Crowdfund Friday

This time of year, we’ve got any number of activities to warm the cockles of our capitalistic shopping hearts. There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday, to name a few. But the folks at Built Oregon thought there could be room for one more. One that—like Small Business Saturday—would appeal directly to Oregonians.

So they’re championing Crowdfund Friday, a day designed to focus our capital on projects that are pursuing the crowdfunding model.

We’ve been thinking that there needs to be a day when the light shines upon the makers and doers who have looked to garner support for their passions via crowdfunding.

So to that end, we are starting #crowdfundfriday. It’s a day to peruse local and regional projects that are listed on the various crowdfunding platforms, and to jump start the backing. We have compiled a list of some Oregon-based projects that are currently looking for support. This is by no means a comprehensive list of Oregon projects, so we encourage everyone to peruse on their own.

To celebrate, Built has curated a list of more than 25 local projects from a variety of crowdfunding platforms.

For more information or to participate, visit Built Oregon.

[Full disclosure: I am a cofounder of Built Oregon. But Mitch did all of the work on this one.]

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