Interactive television: Portland startup A Fourth Act collaborates with OPB

Sometimes, the hardest part of building a startup is simply getting people to try your product. That’s why it’s always awesome to see Portland startups collaborating with local resources to get the exposure they need. Like A Fourth Act is doing tonight with OPB to get their product Harvis in the hands of users.

[F]our videos produced by SOJC undergraduate students, each with its unique perspective on earthquake preparedness and recovery, will be presented. Tonight, as we did for the live broadcast last month, we invite viewers to share their emotional responses in real time and to answer questions posed during the broadcast by using Harvis, a digital tool for audience engagement created by A Fourth Act.

As the short videos are playing, you’re invited to make gestures on your smartphone in response to the content on the broadcast. We encourage you to swipe up whenever you feel motivated to act, or swipe down whenever you feel overwhelmed because of the video’s content. If you feel neutral at any particular time, simply do nothing.

The broadcast takes place tonight, Monday, December 14, 2015, at 9:00PM on OPB during “Don’t wait for the Quake.”

For more information, see the post on the Oregon Film’s Confluence blog.

[Full disclosure: A Fourth Act is an alum of the Story Board digital storytelling accelerator. I am the cofounder of Story Board.]