Good things come in threes: Portland blockchain startup Chroma gains momentum

You know me. I always like it when good stuff happens for Portland startups. It’s like whatever the opposite of schadenfreude is. Like I get happy when they’re happy. Oh. Wait. Maybe that’s just called “being happy.” Anyway… I’m happy that Portland’s Chroma is happy. They’ve had a triple dose of good news, lately.




Not a bad 2016, so far.

For more information or to invest in local startups, visit

[Full disclosure: Hoo boy. This one is a doozy. Are you ready? Chroma is an alum of Oregon Story Board. I am the cofounder of Oregon Story Board. I am a long-time advisor and judge for the SXSW Accelerator, although I had no hand in Chroma’s selection. Finally, I was the organizer of the 1776 Challenge Cup in Portland, but I had no say in the judges’ decision. For what it’s worth, I had absolutely nothing to do with their funding. So there’s that.]

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