It's like XOXO year 'round: XOXO Outpost begins taking applications for private, collaborative workspace

If you’ve followed the XOXO festival from year to year, you’ve seen it grow and change and experiment. But there’s an even bigger experiment underway now, 365 days a year. Well, 366 days, this year. But you get my point. The XOXO Outpost looks to create a home for the collaborative creative community that attends the XOXO festival, throughout the year. And they’re taking applications for members.

We’re taking the ideas behind XOXO and opening a dedicated, year-round space: a 13,000 square foot industrial building in Portland’s Central Eastside filled with the independent people and projects we love, and a handful of companies building the tools we use every day.

We’re building something more than just a place to sit on your laptop—a supportive community of amazing people you’re genuinely excited to see every day, and XOXO’s extended network of friends and advisors to help your project succeed.

Unlike traditional coworking spaces, this is a private, shared space. Desks are dedicated to full members only. No drop-in rates, no jerks, no randos.

Sound interesting? The XOXO Outpost is currently taking applications for members as well as seeking interested patrons who will help underwrite the costs of the space—and ensure access for deserving members without the financial wherewithal to participate.

For more information, visit XOXO Outpost.