Confused about encryption? Ken Westin can help

One of the things I most love about Portland is that we’ve got more unassuming expertise per capita than any town on earth. Tons of super talented people. But you’d never know it. Because they keep a low profile. So whenever one of them raises that profile a bit? I’m going to celebrate that. Like when Ken Westin decides to start a podcast on encryption.

For those of you who don’t know Ken, he’s been a fixture of the Portland startup scene as both a founder and a mentor. But these days, he spends more of his time sharing what he’s learned in the world of encryption and cybersecurity.

I am a security analyst and researcher with 15 years experience in security and product development. I have developed and utilized technology that has put criminals in jail, tracking and recovering stolen devices, unveiling organized crime rings, stolen vehicles, a violent car jacking and tracking pedophiles online.

I have won awards and honors from MIT, Oregon Tech Awards, CTIA, SXSW and was named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” and Portland Business Journal’s 2013 “Forty Under 40”. My technology and exploits have been featured in Wired, Forbes, New York Times, The Economist, Good Morning America and Dateline NBC amongst others. I am regularly reached out to as a subject matter expert in the area of security, privacy and surveillance technologies.

Long story short, he knows what he’s talking about. And now he’s talking with other super smart people too. You should tune in.

For more information or to listen, visit War on Encryption.